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Skincare Studio Dermatology Centre was founded in 2012.

In early 2016, Skincare Studio Dermatology Centre expanded to include the Clinical Trials and Research Division.

The Skincare Studio Dermatology Centre is an active Medical Dermatology Clinic and Clinical Trials Centre, offering our patients the latest treatments and therapies, all while ensuring our patients receive the best care for their skincare conditions.

With over 18 clinical Trials and Studies to date, Skincare Studio Dermatology Centre is prepared for the fast, growing world of Dermatological Medicine, and to offer our patients new advancing therapies and technology advancements yet to come in the field of Dermatology medicine.

The future is bright at Skincare Studio Dermatology Centre!


Principal Investigator/Dermatologist

Dr. Brown-Maher graduated from McGill University in Montreal and started her Dermatology Clinic in August 2006 in St. John’s.

Taking a special interest in Chronic Wound Care, Dr. Brown-Maher started the Wound Care clinic in 2006 for the patients of Newfoundland and Labrador that needed more specialized wound care management. Dr. Brown-Maher completed the International Interprofessional Wound Care course in 2009.

Dr. Brown-Maher started the Clinical Trials division of Skincare Studio Dermatology Centre in early 2016, with her first patient enrolled in her first Post Marketing Observational Study (Phase 4), just a few months later in Summer 2016.

Dr. Brown-Maher is very passionate about medical Dermatology education and teaching those who have an interest in the field. She presents at conferences, seminars and educational talks and programs for Dermatology Nurses, Biologic Coordinators and Clinical Trial Coordinators on a weekly basis.

When Dr. Brown-Maher is not working, you can find her cheering on the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball team along with her husband, Dennis. She also enjoys cooking new recipes, hosting dinner parties and spending time at her cabin with her family.


Director of Research

Robyn started with Dr. Brown-Maher in April 2015, as the Medical Office Assistant with the Dermatology Clinic. With extensive medical office experience, working within the Health Care Industry since the age of 16, Robyn quickly showed her expertise of the industry and became the Office Manager in November 2015 and Biologic Coordinator in early 2016.

She stepped up to the challenge and joined Dr. Brown-Maher in starting Skincare Studio Dermatology Centre Clinical Trials in February 2016 and was our first ever Clinical Trials Coordinator. She became the Director of Research in January 2020.

As the Director of Research, Robyn is very proud to be working with her Research team and bringing in future clinical trials. What makes Robyn excited about clinical trials? She loves to learn all the new medical advancements and therapies and be able to offer these treatments to the patients who are suffering with their skin disease.

Robyn is currently working with multiple pharmaceutical companies as a consultant, where she provides her expertise and knowledge in helping educate, train and assist professionals and physicians in medical practice management, including patient portals, clinic efficiencies, and holistic approaches in disease management.

Robyn is the Director and President of the Atlantic Canada Team of Dermatology (ACTD) Association for all Administrative Staff, Study Coordinators, Nurses, and Biologic Coordinators working within the Dermatology field in the 4 Atlantic Provinces. Robyn is an active member of the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA), the Canadian Dermatology Nurses Association (CDNA), and the Dermatology Nurses Association (DNA).

When she is not working, you can find Robyn spending time with her husband, traveling and shopping. She has a slight obsession with designer handbags and always looking to add more to her collection.

David Miller

Clinical Trials Coordinator

David joined the Dr. Brown-Maher Dermatology Clinic team in April 2020 as the Patient Care Coordinator.

David showed his quick understanding of the medical industry and advanced to become the Medical Clinic Manager in November 2020.

David has a strong passion for helping others and wanted to grow his career in the Dermatology field helping patients of all ages, coping with skin conditions.

David joined the Skincare Studio Dermatology Centre Clinical Trials team in June 2021 as a Clinical Trials Coordinator.

David is an active member of the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA), the Canadian Dermatology Nurses Associations (CDNA), the Dermatology Nurses Associations (DNA), and a member of the Atlantic Canada Team of Dermatology (ACTD) Association.

When David is not working you can find him traveling with his wife and playing darts. He plays competitive Eastern darts and has won provincial titles at competitions.



Jodi graduated as an LPN in 2013 and worked in long-term care facilities before joining the Dermatology field with Dr. Brown-Maher Dermatology Clinic in February 2016.

In 2017, Jodi became the Nurse for Skincare Studio Dermatology Centre. Jodi has taken a special interest in Dermatology and continues to grow her skillset along-side Dr. Brown-Maher as her Dermatology Nurse.

Jodi is an active member of the Dermatology Nurses Association (DNA) and is the Secretary of Atlantic Canada Team of Dermatology (ACTD) Association.

When Jodi is not helping her patients, you can find her competing in cornhole tournaments and spending time with her fiancé, Justin and dog, Sal.

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